Adventure Session in the New River Gorge

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The New River Gorge at sunrise is one of those magical places where heaven and earth seem to merge for a little bit. Chelsea and Matt are from Tennessee, but met me here for an anniversary adventure session shoot a couple weeks. 

Adventure sessions are one of my specialties. 

I'm athletic and love the outdoors. Adventure sessions are basically where I meet you somewhere beautiful and wild and we go on a hike and take pictures. I'm like the friend with a camera who gets the epic shots you've always wanted. 

Adventure sessions often include client's dogs, but not necessarily. Good walking shoes are a must. Sometimes people dress in hiking clothes, sometimes we pick something a little more mellow and they dress up a little bit more - or they wear hiking clothes and change into something a little more dressy at the top. I'm not picky. For me, it's about being outside, enjoying life, capturing beauty, relationship, love and the view. 

If this is something you might be interested in, I'd love to work with you. Let's find somewhere beautiful and get outside.