Why You Should Chose to Do Your Engagement Session at Home

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Why should you chose to do your engagement session at home? Three words: authentic. visual. storytelling.

Let me preface this post by saying, you don't have to be living together to do an at-home session. If you spend a lot of time at one apartment/home/townhouse - that works! It's all about creating space for you to be you.

Visual Storytelling

Something you'll hear me talk about a lot is this idea of "visual storytelling." For me that means soft forehead kisses, snuggles with tea, the kitchen dance and including pets in sessions. I also love kids that don't behave, unexpected moments and rain. Why? It's real. And in a world where sometimes we do things JUST to be able to share them on social media (guilty! - sorry hubby for all the selfies), authentic moments are almost sacred.

In-Home Sessions

To capture authentic moments, you have to be comfortable. It's super hard to be natural and uncontrived in spaces where people are staring at you out of the corner of their eye, like a coffee shop, or are walking by, like a popular arboretum.

This is not to say that you CAN'T be natural in traditional engagement sessions, but it's really important to pick a time and space that allows the personality of your relationship to shine through.

At home, it's easier. You can let your hair down, walk barefoot through your kitchen, splay out on the couch and give the dogs belly rubs. Basically, in-home sessions offer the opportunity to document life together in a genuine way.

At Home with Bonnie and Chase

In this session, Bonnie and Chase welcomed me into their morning routine. For the most part, I just let them make breakfast, snuggle on the couch and play with their pups without a whole lot of direction from me. We had so. much. fun.

In each room, as they were wrapping up their routine, I'd make suggestions - "why don't you lean into him for a few beats" or (my brother's personal favorite) "Chase, I'd like you to whisper all the breakfast cereals you can think of in her ear in your sexiest voice." Such prompts really help produce natural, unposed expressions and LOTS of laughter.

And after the gallery was delivered I got a message from Bonnie. "Oh my goodness Kara!...They are beyond amazing! Brought lots of happy tears! Thank you!”


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