A Backyard Cabin Wedding in Beckley, West Virginia | West Virginia Wedding Photographer

Serra and Chris rented a cabin in Beckley, West Virginia for their September wedding.

Serra and Chris rented a log cabin outside of Beckley, West Virginia, for their late fall backyard wedding. The cabin is owned by a friend of Serra’s family and was tucked wayyy back in a mountain hollow beside a small pond. The ceremony was held on one side of the cabin and then guests walked around to the back porch for cocktail hour. A tent was erected in the back between cabin and the barn.

Everything about the day was low-key, intimate and personal. Perhaps my favorite moment was when Chris’s parents surprised them and showed up. Chris’s mom has had some health issues and we had been told that they wouldn’t be able to make the several hour drive from Maryland for the wedding. But through a herculean effort — they did!

One of the things I love about weddings where people rent a cabin, house or estate and everyone gathers in is that the day is much more of a group effort than a production. Dinner featured homemade mac-and-cheese; The wedding cake was MADE by the groom and was not only delicious, but beautiful; A neighbor’s dog crashed the wedding — stealing a roll from the buffet line and weaving his way through the dance floor during the reception; The flower girls played on a swing set just beyond the walls of the tent.

If you’re interested in planning this type of wedding let me know! I’m going to be honest — I love perusing vacation rentals and have a couple earmarked that would make PERFECT down home wedding venues. So I can help give you ideas, recommend vendors and work with you to make your dream day come true.