Winter In-Home Family Session | Charleston, West Virginia | Family Lifestyle Photography

In-home sessions are intimate, personal and a totally stress-free to get authentic family photos.

Almost all of my family sessions these days are in-home sessions and I couldn’t be more thrilled. For one thing, I don’t believe in forcing kids to smile or pose and being home allows everyone to relax, play and just enjoy being together. However, I’ll contradict myself a little bit and admit that I do try and get ONE posed shot of everyone together at some point during the session. (In this case it was at the very end if you want to scroll down and see that.)

While I don’t think the whole gallery should be formal, when my family gets family photos done I like having one or two shots of everyone looking at the camera (which with four dogs is no joke) so I figure my clients do too.

But for the most part, during this new-baby session, the family played together, read a book, snuggled and talked about the Christmas tree shopping they were going to do after the session was over.

Generally during in-home sessions I like to use as much natural light as possible, but I also bring flash and flash modifiers in case it’s a dark day like this one was or if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home. About half the photos in this session were taken with a flash and about half with window light. Can you tell which was which?

When families need a little help relaxing we’ll put on music and might have a dance party in the living room or I have prompts I’ll use such as telling mom to go sit down. Now “everyone go give her a bear hug!”

I’m interested in my own in-home session!

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