Downtown Charleston, WV, Engagement Session at the Civic Center | West Virginia Wedding Photographer

Brittany wanted an urban engagement session, which is not the easiest thing to produce in downtown Charleston, WV, but we utilized the newly renovated Civic Center and gave her a beautiful snowy photoshoot.

Brittany really wanted a classy urban engagement session, which, I’ll admit, is a little different than my normal hiking or in-home engagements. And it took some creativity to make downtown Charleston, WV look funky and urban, but utilizing the newly renovated civic center as a main backdrop, some winter snow flurries and the beautiful, classic, but sexy dress Brittany chose, we made it happen.

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog post on why I don’t photograph traditional engagement sessions, encouraging couples to instead consider intimate in-home sessions or adventuring together for their photographs. Because for me, I want my couples to be totally relaxed and enjoy the process. I want to get feedback that their engagement or couples or anniversary session didn’t feel like a photoshoot at all, but rather just a fun date. And I really, really want couples to get their photos back and say, “Wow. This is us.” To truly have told a love story beautiful and honestly is, for me, to have succeeded.

And sometimes, standing in a wheat field together is not natural. If you are a farmer and own a wheat field or a corn field or grew up on a farm, then by all means, lets stand in one and photograph you there. But if dressing up in black-tie wear and dancing around downtown Charleston is YOU, then let’s do that. If sitting on a fishing boat at 7am is YOU, then let’s do it. If snuggling at home with the dogs and some hot chocolate is YOU, then let’s do it. But whatever you choose, whatever we do, let it be authentic. Let me tell your story. I promise it is more beautiful and special than any fairytale and deserves the same attention.