In-Home Sessions for Every Body - A Project

Last week I blogged about my In-Home Session Style Guide for the Rest of Us. This week showcases the second half of that project - In-Home Sessions for Every Body.

Through a social media model call, I recruited five couples of various ages, races, beliefs, sizes and stages of life. My only regret is to have not included an older couple - as in my grandma's age - because the point was to create a visual demonstration that in-home sessions are possible for everyone. 

I may be beating this point to death, but I think it's SO important to talk about. What we see on Pinterest and in most of the media does not represent what the majority of the population looks like. As a result, many of us, especially us women, do not perceive ourselves as beautiful if we are plus-sized or muscular or super skinny or tall or any combination of the above (and insert many, many more things we are critical of ourselves about). 

I am pretty darn fit at this point in my life, but I'll be the first to admit I'd probably be healthier if I lost a few (or many) extra pounds. But how dramatically the narrative would shift if the focus was on health rather than feeling shame and self-consciousness that we have failed to achieve a very narrow definition of "ideal." 

So please, for the love of whatever it is that makes you tick, do not skip getting regular photos with your love or family because you'd like to "lose a few extra pounds." I hear this response all the time, and every time it breaks my heart a little bit.

For one thing, let's be real for a second. This is how you look. Everyone else sees you like this every. single. day. Shocker, I know. Secondly, is shame about how you look really more powerful than memorializing the moments, beauty and complexity that make up your relationships? I deeply hope not. 

Look, you don't even have to get your photos done with me. Obviously, my style isn't for everyone. But if you're only going to take away one thing from this post, let it be permission to unapologetically document your life as it actually is, rather than what someone tells you it has to be. 

You may be parents, or in a same-sex relationship, or have 10 dogs (if you do, then please invite me over) - whatever it is that makes up your story, tell it. We only get one chance at this life. 

I hope you enjoy this gallery, and if you have thoughts on documentary/candid photography or body positivity, let me know! Comments are always open to you - let's have a conversation, plan an adventure and take beautiful images of your life. 

One last note, I took a LOT of images during this project. In the interest of not having a 5000 image blog post, I chose five from each couple to show here. Some of these sessions I'll end up individually blogging. To see those make sure to follow Kara Leigh Creative on Facebook and Instagram