In-Home and Adventure Session FAQ - And Why I Don't Offer Traditional Engagement Sessions

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Posed portraits can be beautiful, but the vast majority of my work focuses on candid moments and documentary-style photography. Therefore, I’ve decided to only offer “adventure sessions” or “in-home sessions” for couples and families who want to book with me.

Why I don’t offer traditional sessions

  • Kara Leigh Creative photography focuses on authentic connection and telling stories of love and life. I enjoy getting to know people in their own homes or crafting an adventure together. Or both! I also offer “day-in-the-life” sessions in which we can go camping or book a cabin and get some awesome in-home and adventure photographs together. Day-in-the-life sessions are probably what I would call the ultimate Kara Leigh Creative experience =).

  • It takes time for me to get to know a couple and take images that represent their relationship. Therefore, I don’t offer “hour-long” or “90-minute” sessions with 1-2 outfit changes. Within reason, I’ll take as much time as we need to tell your story when we work together.

  • In my opinion, it is super difficult to relax and enjoy the experience when you have audience. Therefore, I try to pick places and times that don't involve interacting with a lot of other people so clients can quickly shake the nerves and just focus on being themselves and being with the people they love.  


  • I don’t do a lot of posing in my photography, which can be necessary depending on the location. When you are having a private adventure or in your own home, we can focus on drawing out those authentic emotions and interactions.

  • There are a lot of awesome photographers who enjoy shooting posed photographs and are great at it. Feel free to ask me to recommend photographers who offer traditional engagement sessions! 

In-home vs. adventure sessions, FAQs

I’m interested in booking a session with Kara Leigh Creative, but my home isn’t as “Pinterest-esque” as I’d like, and/or I’m out of shape.

No problem. I can work with both of those things.

I have shot an in-home session in a boyhood bedroom (we hung a sheet on the wall to cover the Star Wars paraphernalia) and have hiked with couples who hadn’t done that sort of thing in years. I’m passionate about embracing all body types – my own is far from “ideal” – and producing photos that you’ll be proud of. All it takes is planning and picking the right session for YOU and your family or love.

How are in-home sessions done?

In-home sessions are about capturing your family or your love in an authentic way. I always ask clients to pick up/clean their home before I come over. It in no way needs to be pristine, but all clutter and even family photographs should go away before I start shooting. Clutter is often distracting in the back of photographs and can make or break any space. Without it, no matter how beautiful or dingy the space, the focus becomes you.

If you have kids, I encourage making playdough or cookies or breakfast or reading together – something that allows you to interact in a normal way. If you’re a couple then I’ll often document part of a normal routine or ask you to snuggle on the couch in a way you would if I weren’t there. I have shot in-home sessions in a huge variety of spaces. They have, without fail, been beautiful and intimate.

How are adventure sessions arranged?

If you have an adventure in mind that you want photographed, you and I can do it. I’ll hike with you, canoe, kayak, bike, rappel, cave – whatever it is you have in mind – let's make it happen.

What if I’m not in good shape?

No problem. It’s still 100% possible to have “an adventure” that involves walking along a river, camping, picnicking, or doing a hike that is mostly flat. We’ll build in time to take it slow and enjoy the process.

What if I love your photography but don’t want an in-home or adventure session?

Pitch me your idea. Be creative! Is there a restaurant or brewery that is special to you and your partner? Is there an activity you two do together all the time, like salsa dancing or farming, or a place you make sure to visit every summer?  

Having an “adventure” does not necessarily mean strapping on boots and hitting the trail for eight miles. It’s about creating space for your personality to come out, your story to be told, your life to be documented.