An Airbnb In-Home Session in Thomas, West Virginia

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Kuirsta reached out for a winter in-home session with her husband Seth at a cute Airbnb she’d found in Thomas, WV. My hubby and I have done this too. When we went to Asheville for five days in January, we rented an adorable Airbnb and had our own in-home session done there. A sweet friend of mine is coming to Charlottesville, VA, in May for her wedding anniversary and is renting an Airbnb where we’re planning on doing a shoot.

Airbnbs are awesome options for unique settings. After the session with Kuirsta I did a quick search of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. Let’s just say putting together this list for you did nothing to assuage my ever-present wanderlust.

I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to pricing when putting together the list, but your options range from about $50 a night to $500 (those are in the paragraph where I suggested recruiting friends before renting 😊). Some of them obviously accept dogs. If I saw that, I included it in the post, but didn’t go rooting around for the information, so others in this list may accept pets as well.  

I loosely grouped the listings by state: West Virginia, then Virginia, then North Carolina, in the order of where I shoot the most, but if there was a similar listing (a treehouse or tiny home, for instance), then I put those together.

In short, I found some super cool, funky rentals out there that are well worth checking out. I’ve also looked at places in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky for personal trips. Explore your backyard! Plan a getaway for the weekend. Even if you don’t bring a photographer with you for an in-home session, these rentals would be a great base for your next adventure.

So where should you go?

In Shepherdstown, WV, you can rent a converted school bus, making for an awesome getaway from DC, or really anywhere. There’s a glass-front cabin that would look at home in Iceland, but is actually located in Lost River, WV.

A handhewn treehouse in Linden, VA, or another in Richmond, VA, or this one in Holly Rock, WV (they also do weddings at this Holly Rock location, FYI). If North Carolina is your thing, you could rent this treehouse in Greensboro or this one in Weaverville.

A well-lit octagon in West Augusta, VA, or a yurt in Stanardsville, VA (you can’t make this stuff up). If yurts aren’t your thing, but you still want to be in Stanardsville, you could stay in a modern farmhouse that Joanna Gaines would be proud of.

Want to bring your friends? Rent this funky artsy cabin in Winston Salem, NC, or this freaking cool artist’s cabin in Castle Hayne, NC. Or here’s an octagon — this one in Hillsborough, NC. It features a rope climb, gymnastic rings, and either a hammock or aerial yoga apparatus.

Just you and your honey? Try sleeping in a shipping container by Carolina Beach. Or this cottage in Asheville, NC, or go glamping in that lovely little city. Actually, just go visit Asheville and stay wherever you want - it’s one of my favorite places on the east coast!

Ever wanted to stay in a tiny home? Check out this one in Charlotte, NC, or this one, also in Charlotte.

Be off the grid? Go to Candler, NC. I kind of want to try this one - they allow dogs =).

And last, but not least, because we’re heading into summer, check out these North Carolina beachside rentals in Kitty Hawk (dog friendly!), Nags Head (I put two separate links in there for you - one on each word), or this houseboat in Manteo.

Why these? They are unique, had texture, were funky and/or were full of light and would photograph well. I haven’t personally stayed in any of them, though, so keep that in mind when choosing your next adventure (i.e. read their reviews!) but I don’t think you can go wrong. And if you’ve never done Airbnb and want $40 in travel credit, click through my code. You’ll get $40 off your first trip and I’ll get $20 for the referral. 💙