An In-Home Anniversary Session | Megan and Justin | WV Wedding Photographer

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When love is new, it's exciting, breathtaking even. But some of my favorite sessions are documenting love that has had time to marinate for awhile. The flavors become bolder, more complex, nuanced. In each wrinkle there is history. In each embrace, a thousand before it. 

So getting to photography a 10 or 20, or 50 year anniversary session is particularly rewarding. And in-home sessions, even more so. 

Photographing familiar spaces helps you to revisit them in a conscious, intentional way. These spaces are where you spend your life with those you love the most. Most of life is not vacations and fancy dresses - it's breakfast and sprawling out on the couch watching Netflix and clasping hands in bed at the end of a long day.

In-home sessions are not exactly documentary - I've never intentionally sat with my husband like the picture above - but they are intended to document connection in the context of the space in which you live mundane moments with the ones you love. 

So thank you Megan and Justin for inviting me into your home and trusting me to document your love for you. And happy ten years of life together.