Holly River Adventure Engagement Session | West Virginia Wedding Photography

A Holly River adventure engagement session. These two lovebirds are getting married next year at an old estate in central West Virginia, but chose to do their engagement session at Holly River State Park - a place that holds a lot of meaning for them. 

I've written before about why I don't do traditional engagement sessions - by which I generally mean stand-in-a-field and smile. The vast majority of my couples instead choose to do an "adventure" engagement session or an in-home session.

I think of adventure as a really broad idea though. If you are super nerdy, it may mean dressing up and attending a comic-con-like event. If you are super outdoorsy, it may mean a weekend camping trip together. Adventure for me means finding a place that has meaning - either because it is important to you or holds value for its intrinsic beauty and spending intentional time together there.

Samantha and Cory chose to do their engagement session at Holly River State Park, which is east of Sutton in north-central West Virginia. Holly River is a gorgeous park, with some of the best waterfalls and swimming holes in the state. So naturally, for this waterfall/swimming hole engagement session, we made sure to bring bathing suits and get in the water. Or at least they did - most of the shots at the swimming hole were taken while I was in the water with them in my shorts and t-shirt! 

Holly River is a place Samantha spent a lot of time as a child. And for their first date, they came here. So documenting love in a place that has a lot of history for a couple is particularly special.

One last thought about swimming hole/waterfall sessions - waterfalls are a really great way to "have an adventure" that's easy access. Most places in the state with really good swimming holes have flat, short walking paths from the parking area. So if you aren't in great shape or just don't want a massive hike, but still want to get outdoors, consider exploring the rivers and waterways as alternative options.