Sixteen Things Wedding Photographers Wish They Knew When They Got Married

A Harrisonburg Virginia wedding at the Joshua Wilton House in Harrisonburg. Kara Leigh Creative Wedding Photography specializes in intimate weddings and elopements in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Often couples choose to get married at inns, bed and breakfasts and estates.

For most people, planning a wedding is a deep dive into putting on the biggest party of your life. And there's a LOT you learn in hindsight. 

When researching this blog, I posted this question in two photography facebook groups: "For those of you who got married before beginning your wedding photography career, what are some things you learned as a photographer that you wish you had known as a bride or groom?"

And holy moly did people have something to say. Over 100 comments later I came up with 16 broad tips for you to consider as you are planning your wedding. Over the next few months, I'll break these down into individual blog posts and link to those posts from here. But for now, sixteen things wedding photographers wish they knew when they got married. 

1. Research style rather than going with whoever is cheapest

2. If you have a limited budget, invest the biggest portion in photography

3. Hire a second shooter

4. Take photos with grandparents

5. Choose someone with experience

6. Do a first look - both with your parents AND your soon-to-be spouse. 

7. Schedule more time for couples portraits

8. Consider skipping the bridal party

9. Wear comfortable shoes

10. Choose a photographer who specializes in weddings

11. Don't get married at noon

12. Groom portraits are just as important as bridal portraits

13. Hire a wedding planner - for coordination and styling

14.  If your photographer comes over to pull you out for sunset pictures - say yes! 

15. Only choose the traditional elements you love 

16. Print your photos! Vintage USBs don't get you very far.