A Rainy, Dog-Loving, Charleston, WV In-Home Session

A rainy in-home session in Charleston, WV featuring Basil the bernedoodle (that’s a dog in case you aren’t familiar with this breed), Bailey’s Irish Whiskey, hot chocolate, books and snuggles.

When my husband and I first moved to West Virginia, we listed our home on Airbnb. We had two extra bedrooms and weren’t THAT far out of college, so having strangers in our house all of the time wasn’t as weird as it might have been. For the most part, it was a good experience — we used the extra income to pay off student loans, fund home repairs and take some trips.

People ask us all of the time WHO stayed with you? About 80 percent of our guests were just passing through and wanted a safe, cheap, clean place to stay. The rest, were doctors doing fellowships, people moving to the area for jobs and needing transitional housing, traveling nurses, military in the area for training or students doing internships. That group generally booked for a couple weeks to months and were more like roommates.

One of our first long-term guests was Chaith who was moving to the area for a job. As it turns out, he and his then fiance Sirisha, were getting married the SAME weekend Austin and I were. We were also all big readers, liked to travel and had a thing for doodles. Needless to say, we became friends.

Ultimately, Chaith and Sirisha ended up deciding to move back to Texas where they are both from, but wanted to do an in-home session to commemorate their first home together.

It was rainy that day, which made the cozy vibes even more pronounced.

They put on music, made hot chocolate, spiked it with Bailey’s, read some books, snuggled their bernedoodle Basil, and danced to their first dance song.

In-home sessions are the perfect winter photoshoot. They’re cute and cozy and super relaxed and intimate. They’re a prefect way to document your first home — either moving in to it, or out of it. Or your forever home. Or just your life together as you would spend an ideal Saturday.