Technology Changes, Print is Forever -- Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album


When my parents moved, my dad had stacks and stacks of black floppy disks in his office. Who knows what was on those disks because they all went in the trash — none of our computers had the capacity to read them anymore. Actually, my laptop doesn’t even have a CD rom or USB port. When I make USB’s to send to my wedding clients, I have to use a converter.

Any guesses on what we will be using to store data in five or ten years? I surely don’t know.

Which is why printing your photos and making a wedding album is so vitally important.

Even if you opt not to purchase prints and an album through me (my premium package includes a wedding album and it can be an add on for any package), please, please take the time to sit down and put together something that will stand the test of time.

If you know that you aren’t going to do it — you’re never going to get around to printing your photos, you’re never going to get around to designing an album — because who has the time for that?? — then I’m happy to help you.

Below I’ve included some images from my sample wedding album for 2019.

I offer two different sizes — 10x10 and 12x8 (which is horizontal). The covers come in either linen or leather and have a variety of colors (pictured). You can then decorate the front with your name and date either embossed (indented in the leather) or foil stamped. It can also be left blank.

8-10 weeks after your wedding, you’ll get a link to your online gallery with your edited high-resolution photos. In that gallery you can “favorite” images. I recommend picking 60 or so for your final wedding album. Once you’re done choosing your selection, I’ll download your favorites and get to designing your album!

Generally, I try to put no more than 4-6 images per spread (a spread is what you see when the book is laid flat and open) so your album doesn’t look crowded. We’ll also include 1-2 full-page spreads.

About two-three weeks after I start the design process, you’ll get a digital “proof” of your album. This is the time to make any final changes before it’s sent to the printer!

The printer mails the album to me so I can inspect it before handing it over and then I’ll set up a time to meet you for coffee or put it in the mail so the finished product is in your hands! From start to finish, the whole process usually takes about a month.

And then you have an heirloom record of your wedding day that you can share with your children, your children’s children or just to look back on in 50 years to remember the “best day ever.”