Outsourcing your writing

It may be time to outsource your writing. And that's OK. If you're not a photographer or a graphic designer or accountant you probably outsourced all of those things too to get the best possible product for your business. Outsourcing allows creatives and small business owners the time to focus on their products and design rather than stressing over updating that blog you should have finished six months ago. 

So why should you trust me to write or copy edit for you? I'm a photographer, but I'm also a journalist with more than five years of professional experience. I've been published nationally and regionally in a variety of publications. I also come from a long line of writers, English teachers and grammarians who value the written word. In other words, I'm really good at writing and I've learned how to put words together in a way that keeps your voice in them.

So what services do I offer?

Copy editing:

Copy editing is basically going over your "copy" or text to check for consistency and accuracy. 


Editing, on the other hand, is correcting, modifying and condensing existing text to make it stronger and grammatically correct. 

Ghost Writing: 

This is probably my favorite of all the options. This is when I take your idea and put it onto paper for you in your voice. For more information, see the "blog for me" listing below.

Web Text Overhaul

So your website needs some love. A Web Text Overhaul includes a rewrite and copy edit of all of the text on your website. The goal:

1. Make your content easier to read

2. Correct grammatical mistakes

3. Optimize SEO

Blog For Me

In this service I will "ghost write" your blog post for you in your voice. This is a great service for photographers, creatives and small business owners who know they need a blog, but don't have time or need some help putting what they want to say on paper. After a phone consultation, we will take your content and put together a compelling, concise blog post written in your voice and tone. This service is also available on a monthly subscription basis. 

Content Creation

This is an overarching service that covers things like rewriting or creating product descriptions, writing social media and ad texts and any other "writing content creation" proposals you can dream up! Have an idea? Send me an email, I can probably help you out. Hello@karaleighcreative.com