Pet Phography

This rescue pup was a total goober, but SUCH a good boy for his pet session. I absolutely adore dogs and incorporating more pet sessions into my business is one of my goals for 2019!

Your dogs are your babies. They have birthday parties and outfits and monogramed beds and go to doggie daycare. Look, no judgement here…we adopted a fourth dog and bought a mini-van to fit everyone.

But getting beautiful photographs of your pups is really hard. Sure, your whole camera roll is taken up of your dog sleeping and you had to buy extra iCloud storage because they were ALL cute, but let’s be honest — those photos are probably going to live on your phone forever. And you don’t have any REALLY good photos of Fido.

So here’s where pet photography comes in. These happen in your home or at a park or on a hike. It’s basically a photoshoot that features your dog. We’ll get some of you guys in there too, but in the end you’ll end up with a gallery of beautiful, print-worthy images to document your beloved dog(s). And don’t worry if Spot is grumpy or doesn’t behave well, again, we have four dogs, and the vast majority of pups I photograph are a sort-of-good boys who we love dearly.